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Steve Reutzel

This holiday season I decided to surprise my children with a fully decked-out home in the most memorable way. With the guidance and training we received, our full crew of installers, including ourselves, spent two days meticulously adorning our house with dazzling lights. We cleverly concealed all evidence of the installation and kept the kids away until after dark on the second day.

Upon returning home, feigning shock with my wife, our son's exclamation, "It was Razzle!" (our mischievous elf-on-the-shelf), set the stage for an unforgettable moment. He discovered Razzle rappelling down the front of our house on a string of multi-colored Christmas lights. It was a memory that I know our kids and we will always remember.

 At ImageWorks Painting, our journey into the realm of holiday lighting installations wasn't just about expanding our services; it was a heartfelt endeavor inspired by family, a desire for seasonal change, and the expertise gained from a magical experience. What began as a quest to make our homes sparkle during Christmas has transformed into an exciting new venture: the launch of our Christmas Lighting Division.

 Holiday lighting was just a natural fit for our company. Following an in-depth discussion with our management team about venturing into a whole new industry, we decided that this opportunity was exactly what we needed for a few really key reasons:

1. Embracing Change and Family Traditions 

After a bustling summer of painting houses, we always crave a change of pace. More importantly, the love for Christmas from my children, aged 9 and 11, ignited a desire to create a magical holiday experience at home. My wife had always dreamt of a beautifully adorned house for Christmas, and though in every previous year I had come up short (way, way, short to be honest) I was determined to make it a reality for my family.

2. We Love Our Employees

Inevitably as the exterior painting season wanes into late fall and early winter, our hardworking painters find themselves with less work. In the painting industry in the Greater Pittsburgh area, there’s no way around it. To ensure our team stayed employed and active, we sought new opportunities. The idea of venturing into Christmas lighting installations emerged as an avenue to keep our skilled crew engaged during the off-season, and of the options we put in front of them, the crews were by far the most excited about the option of spreading holiday cheer!

3. Leveraging Skills and Expertise 

Our proficiency in scaling ladders and working from rooftops (second only to Santa himself), honed from years of painting houses, aligned perfectly with the skills needed for professional holiday lighting installations. Seeking guidance from a friend operating a reputable Christmas light installation business in Oregon, my project manager and I took the opportunity to travel and learn invaluable tips and tricks for high-end professional installations from a true pioneer of the industry. Unsurprisingly, though anyone can hang Christmas lights to some degree…the top installers provide a world of difference compared to the DIY’er or the small part-time installer, and we (as our existing customers would expect) were determined to offer the best quality product right from the start.

Christmas Lighting Surprise

The success of creating a magical “elf” moment for my family (along with doing additional training installations for some employees, other family members, and a few close friend’s homes) prepared us to venture further. With extensive training along with practice gained from personal installations, we are excited to announce our entry into Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania's holiday lighting market. Just as we excel in the painting industry, we are poised to become the premier holiday lighting installation company in the region.

 ImageWorks Painting's foray into holiday lighting isn't just about business expansion; it's a testament to our commitment to our employees and our families, to creativity, and to embracing new challenges. As we embark on this new chapter, we're thrilled to bring the same level of excellence and magic to homes and businesses during the most wonderful time of the year.

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