What Should My Commercial Repaint Estimate Include?

Steve Reutzel

Accurate commercial repaint estimates are essential to the success of any project. These estimates ensure commercial painters have enough materials, equipment, and labor as well as an idea of how long the project will take. Business owners, on the other hand, need these estimates to ensure the repaint fits within their budgets. 

Every repaint job is different, which is why every commercial painting company worth its salt offers free estimates. Here are five things commercial repaint estimates should include: 

  1. Square Footage
    First thing’s first: How large is the project? Whether it’s the entire building, just the interior or exterior, or even just a portion of the premises, painters must calculate the size of the area that needs to be painted. 

    Business owners can even complete this step ahead of time to get an idea of the project’s scope. Simply multiply the height by the width of each wall that needs painted and then add them all together. Anything on these walls that won’t be painted, such as windows, must be subtracted from this total. 

  2. Number of Coats Needed
    You can use the square footage to determine how much paint is needed for your project. One gallon of paint typically covers 400 square feet of surface, though this number dwindles to 300 square feet if the surface is textured. 

    However, if a commercial repaint project requires two coats of paint, the cost of paint will obviously double. The second coat of paint often provides additional durability, especially when painting textured or porous surfaces.
  3. Cost of Labor
    The cost of labor is not only a product of the size of the commercial repaint in question but the timeline as well. If a customer needs the repaint project completed by a certain date, commercial painters might be required to add additional workers or work longer days.

    The cost of labor is the biggest variable because it varies based on the size of the crew, their rates, and their speed.  

  4. Repairs and Prep Work
    If painters can show up and start painting with as little prep work as possible, that will keep costs down. However, a commercial repaint estimate will reveal the extent of prep work as well as if any repairs are needed prior to painting.  

    Any cracks must be addressed and repaired prior to painting, as do any holes or blemishes. Failing to fix these issues prior to painting will reduce the effectiveness and longevity of the repaint job. The more repairs there are, the higher the estimate will be for the job. 

Inspections Make for More Accurate Bids 

Although commercial painters can give ballpark estimates based on secondhand measurements and information, inspections make for more accurate repainting bids. Experienced painters know what to look for, so they have a much better eye for the job than most business owners. 

If the business owner misses something or doesn’t realize certain repairs may be necessary, the job could be slowed down due to the need for additional materials and even labor. Not to mention, any additional work will cause the initial repaint estimate to be way off. 

If you’re in the market for commercial repaint estimates, insist on in-person inspections. If a commercial painter won’t make the trip, they likely aren’t right for the job.  

Work Outside Normal Business Hours Is More Expensive 

If your business is in need of a repaint, try to ensure it can happen during normal business hours. If painting contractors are required to work outside of their normal business hours, the job will be much more expensive.  

While this might not always be possible for certain businesses, especially for interior repaint jobs, it should always be preferred. 

If your commercial business is in need of a repaint, but you’re not sure if it’s in your budget, reach out to the expert painting team at ImageWorks Painting to schedule a free estimate today. 


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