Electrostatic Painting

If your upcoming project includes hard-to-reach areas where applying a consistently uniform coating is a near impossibility -- especially in occupied spaces where little-to-no disruption of work schedules is a must -- then we have the solution to your problem.

Electrostatic painting is the perfect choice for any painting project that calls for a durable, evenly-coated, beautiful, and long-lasting factory-like finish. 

How Electrostatic Sparing works?

This special application method applies an electrostatic charge to both the coating particles as well as the surface to be coated, drawing the coating to the surface like a magnet, resulting in 360 degrees of surface coverage.  A wide variety of durable, high-solids coatings can be used, including urethanes, epoxies, and alkyds.

Not all electrostatic equipment is created equal.  ImageWorks Painting utilizes the 'Cadillac' of electrostatic painting equipment, giving you up-to a 99% coating transfer efficiency versus other inferior options. This means virtually no wasted coatings and virtually zero overspray.

ImageWorks Painting performs a wide variety of field application and in-shop electrostatic painting projects in the Greater Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, and Greater Tampa areas:

  • Lockers
  • Chain-link and wrought-iron fencing
  • In-factory equipment
  • Stair railings
  • Permanent office filing cabinets
  • Warehouse racking
  • Steel and iron furniture
  • Your item at our facility
  • And much more

Special applications like electrostatic painting require special knowledge and expertise you won’t find just anywhere. Make the right choice and contact ImageWorks Painting. If you need any more convincing, our A+ BBB rating and long list of Angie’s List Super Service Awards should do the trick.

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