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FAQs for Painting Contractors

What should I expect during the consultation?

Our estimators are highly-experienced and trained to guide you through the process step-by-step. A typical consultation will take about 30 minutes to complete. When your estimator comes to meet with you, they will walk the project with you to gather all of the information necessary to prepare your proposal. They will listen to your concerns, discuss your options, and offer suggestions that will help you to create your perfect painting project. Once we’ve clarified all of the details of your project, your estimator will prepare and review your proposal with you that outlines all of the services to be performed, along with the price for your project that's backed by our written iron-clad price guarantee; often times before they even leave your home.

Why is there such a large difference in price from one painter to the next? Doesn’t every painter do the same thing?

Assuming that all of the painting contractors that you’re comparing are an apples-to-apples comparison of licensed, insured, and bonded reputable companies, then one of the biggest reasons that you might see a large range of prices is in the Scope Of Work to be performed.  

The Scope Of Work outlines in detail what the contractor intends to do in each phase of the job to provide you with your finished painting project. Without a Scope Of Work in writing from your contractor you will have no way of being certain that they intend to follow all of the necessary steps to do the work correctly, and you will also have no means of accurately comparing their bid with the others that you receive. Make sure that each contractor who provides you with a bid for your project includes a written Scope Of Work with their proposal.

How long will my painting project take to complete?

Each painting project is unique. Depending on the Scope Of Work to be completed your estimator will discuss with you the projected start date and completion date of your project before work gets under way. However, the vast majority of our painting projects take less than a week to complete; even whole-home repaints.

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