Tilt-Up and Precast Concrete Construction Painting

Perry Nesselroad

The last 25-30 years have brought about drastic changes in construction methods to the retail, warehouse, and distribution markets. The recent Pandemic and growing need for online ordering and home delivery have only intensified the need for a quicker “Contract to Delivery” of these projects. The brick and mortar and stick built construction methods have given way to concrete tilt-up (poured in place) and Precast construction. 

These methods allow a Contractor to deliver extremely large buildings, sometimes acres of space, in a fraction of the time. Developers are able to build multi-tenant flex spaces with infinite design and function in a matter of months. This construction method is here to stay, and the exterior finishes are a large part of making them aesthetically pleasing.

In regards to painting these projects, great measures must be taken to ensure proper adhesion to the panel beneath. Potential issues include but are not limited to: the presence of form break, panel over-vibration, proper patching and caulking compatibility and panel and caulk cure times. An inexperienced contractor with little knowledge of these potential pitfalls can create a very expensive and difficult to rectify situation for everyone involved.

Due to inconsistencies in the overall appearance of the finished look of the panels, most designers and architects specify a textured system to mask or hide these defects. This also requires knowledge and experience with specialized equipment and techniques. There are many variables to consider in both application and environmental influence that can result in a very poor and unsatisfactory finished product.

ImageWorks Painting Inc. performs dozens of these projects on an annual basis. Additionally, we receive several requests a year to re-finish or take over these projects due to troubles stemming from inexperienced applicators. These projects sometimes require complete removal of misapplied finishes and re-painting which carries a hefty unwanted cost for everyone involved.

If you are considering a tilt-up or pre-cast project, these are just a few of the many things that you should consider to ensure a successful project. Coating a tilt wall or precast concrete project is vastly different than painting traditional building types. Gathering qualified references and gauging contractor experience in this specific kind of work are paramount in a project of this nature. If you are in the Greater Pittsburgh area, we have dozens of completed projects for you to inspect. We also have many successfully completed projects ranging from Michigan to Florida. Give us a call today to discuss your project. We would love to hear from you.


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