Paint Color Selection & Consultation

We want to make picking your paint colors as easy as possible. So whether you need help finding that perfect color or confirming your own color choices, we will strive to take the guesswork out of color selection for our customers.

In-Home Paint Color Consultation

After contracting with ImageWorks Painting, if you would like a professional's eye-for-color on your project, we will send a PPG Paint Color or Sherwin-Williams Specialist to meet with you in the comfort of your home to help you choose the perfect colors and create a space that you will love.

During the in-home visit, your Personal Color Consultant will create a custom color palette that fits your personal style.

Fill out the form below and we'll arrange a consultation around your schedule. This service normally costs $95, but we offer this service to customers who have signed a contract for services with ImageWorks Painting at no charge.

In the end, the choice and responsibility for picking colors is yours, but a professional color consultation can be an extremely helpful, comforting factor in making these tough decisions. Few things can help the overall level of satisfaction you feel with the finished appearance of your home interior more than perfectly matched paint colors and accents to your flooring, furniture, and window treatments.

What Paint Color to Choose

Visit our Color Help page for tons of great DIY color selection tools, or we can mail you a color deck with hundreds of color options for you to review in your home, at your leisure. (The color deck must be returned to the Crew Leader when they arrive to paint your home, otherwise a $20 charge will be added to your contract amount.)

**Please note** Certain aspects of color choices may affect your price. Issues such as choosing more colors than standard (3 colors are included in most base prices - see your proposal & contract), or choosing certain shades (due to poor coverage of some colors causing additional coats of paint), or changing the color after IWP has already purchased the paint for your project, or adding additional color breaks like accent walls or other items may necessitate a change order for your project. Ask your estimator if you have any questions, or advise the color consultant that you would like to not make any choices that would affect your proposal price.

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