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Benefits of Exterior Commercial Painting in Pittsburgh

Posted by Perry Nesselroad on Sat, Apr 14, 2012 @ 12:25 AM

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There are many benefits to an exterior repaint of your facility.  A pleasing aesthetic appearance of your building's exterior can accomplish many important things.  Customers generally favor a friendly looking, visually appealing business.  Simply improving the appearance of your business, utilizing inviting colors, and showing the pride of ownership (even if you're a renter!) of keeping a well maintained, cared for property may greatly improve customer traffic and customer referals.   

Additionally, employee morale, productivity, and retention are absolutely connected to the visual environment they are working in.  There are countless articles in industry journals and on the internet siting the morale benefits of clean, bright, well maintained work environments.  A fresh coat of paint on the interior can keep people's spirits higher than a dark and dingy environment, just as an attractive new paint job can instill a feeling of pride in your employees before they ever step foot in the door to start their day.  Take a look at the most successful business you know of, whether you're thinking of the great small business in town you admire, or a big box giant, or a productive, bustling office space -- what you'll consistently see is a happy work environment for the employees, including a facility that those workers are able to be proud of.

Finally, there are pure, direct econominic benefits to good facility maintenance. First of all is building value.  If you take two of the same building, side be side, with the only difference being condition and aesthetic value of paint and landscaping, every time the good looking, well maintained building will have a higher value, provide higher sales values, and bring greater rents from better tenants.  Along with greater income from a well painted building, there is also the cost benefit of regular maintenance.  As a general rule, it is less expensive to do timely maintenance and keep a building up than it is to allow the building to deteriorate to the point of needing a major overhaul.

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city.  Western Pennsylvania is a beautiful area.  We are fortunate to live in one of the most scenic cities in the entire country.  Next time you drive to work, picture your building painted and looking better than it's looked in many years.  Then picture the other nearby business owners and operators noticing how nice your facility has become, and making the pleasant decision to "keep up with the Jones's".  Pretty soon that drive to work may be a little nicer.  Your employees may be a little happier.  Your customers may enjoy coming a little more, and maybe even tell some friends.

If you are in Pittsburgh or around Western Pennsylvania, and you are considering the many benefits of an exterior commercial paint job, please give the friendly professionals at ImageWorks Painting an opportunity to discuss your project with you and provide a free estimate for your upcoming work.


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