How to Find a Retail Painting Contractor to Paint Your Store

Steve Reutzel

Accurate commercial repaint estimates are essential to the success of any project. These estimates ensure commercial painters have enough materials, equipment, and labor as well as an idea of how long the project will take. Business owners, on the other hand, need these estimates to ensure the repaint fits within their budgets. 

Any time of year is a great time to update the paint on your retail store. Be sure to choose a painting contractor who cares as much as you do about the overall aesthetics of your business. This goes far beyond picking a color to send the right message to your customers. Knowing how to find high quality commercial painting contractors will set your business up for success year in and year out. 

Do Your Homework 

Anyone can register their business on Google. Further, anyone can provide a review for any business without proof of work being done. It can be easy for a business to have fake reviews giving them five star ratings. So where else can you go for reliable feedback? There are a few places you can search to find vetted businesses with verified feedback and reviews. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource to find quality contractors. Once you've identified three to five painters in your area, you can cross reference them on other sites like Angie’s List and Find a Painter. These sites ensure the companies you choose work ethically, are properly licensed, and insured.  

You should be safe to hire any of your cross-referenced choices, right? You could, but to ensure you’re getting the very best for exactly what you need, your next step is to get consults and compare quotes. 

Determine the Best Fit 

Reach out to each contractor and make sure they are available within the timeframe you would like the work to be completed. If you’re on a tight schedule, then you can save yourself time by only getting quotes from contractors who are available. The spring and summer are popular seasons for updating paint. Requesting a quote and scheduling the work far enough in advance can ensure you get the job done in time for your prime business months. 

Schedule an estimator to do a site visit of your business. Contractors understand this will be your very first personal impression of their company and should do their best to communicate effectively, walk the project with you, allow you to ask questions and express concerns. Often, when two companies are similar in quality and costs, the final decision to hire can be based on how well they communicated throughout the process. You should never hire a company who sends you an estimate without first conducting a site visit and meeting you face to face.  

Do you need help choosing the right color for your business? Then you may benefit from a color consultation in conjunction with your estimate. This service will help you identify what aesthetics match your target customer’s preferences. While a color consultation is usually a flat fee, receiving a simple painting estimate should never cost you upfront.  

After you've received a quote from each contractor compare key estimate points such as cost of materials, the brand and quality of paint, and the cost of labor. Did they suggest additional services and products to enhance the original job and supply those quotes as options?  

Other Considerations: Choose Painters Specializing in Retail 

If the quotes you receive are drastically different, review the Scope Of Work that accompanies your quotes. Did they provide you with one? If not, it is perfectly fine to request a Scope of Work before reviewing a work contract.   

The Scope Of Work outlines in detail what the contractor intends to do in each phase of the job to provide you with your finished painting project. Without a Scope Of Work in writing from your contractor, you will have no way of being certain they intend to follow all of the necessary steps to do the work correctly. You will also have no means of accurately comparing their bid with the others you receive. Make sure that each contractor who provides you with a bid for your project includes a written Scope Of Work with their proposal. 

When reviewing the Scope of Work, does the work specifically match a retail painting project? Is it generic? Or does it outline a different type of painting project all together? When you hire a contractor who specializes in retail painting, their Scope of Work will reflect the appropriate steps for the crew to interact with a business setting. They are familiar with the types of materials often found at retail sites, and the best products for the job. This is how you might find where the differences are in price. 

ImageWorks Painting aims to provide customers with as much information as they need to make them feel confident in their choice of professional painting contractor for any type of job. If your commercial business is in need of a repaint, but you’re not sure if it’s in your budget, reach out to the expert painting team at ImageWorks Painting to schedule a free estimate today.  


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